Yesung Twitter Update `120719 – 120720`

Super Junior Yesung baru-baru ini memperbaharui statusnya di Twitter @shfly3424

3 tweet sekaligus ^^

20 July, 2012

‘슈키라와 함께해준 ELF !! 고맙고 사랑한다^^’

‘ELF who are coming together with Sukira !! Will always be grateful and I love you ^^’

Wow.. ELF memenuhi sukira.. benar-benar pemandangan yang sangat indah, jadi ingin kesana ^^


July 19, 2012

‘이른시간부터고생해준고마운분들 ^^ 맛나게먹을게용 쌩유!!’


‘I really appreciate to all of you who suffers since early in the morning ^^ I’m eating (these) awesome (foods) thank you!!’

wah itu makanan dan minuman dari Handel and Gretel ya?? sepertinya sangat enak ^^


‘SMTOWN박람회촬영현장 ~~^^ 기대하시라 ~~~!!’

‘At the filming set for the SMTOWN Expo~~^^ Do look forward to it~~~!!’

Nice pict ^^ Fighting Oppa!!

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