Super Junior at Teuk’s Enlisment [PICS]

1PM Kst.

Super Junior Leader, Leeteuk berangkat untuk menjalani Wajib Militer 30 Oktober 2012. Selca-selca member Super Junior.




“Kangin: I hope for 21 months, Teuki can take care of his health and come back safely. Don’t worry abt us, cause SJ member is doing well.”

”sangchu hyung, teuk hyung, return well”

“Wook said in Sukira that Dong and Hae cried a lot today, and that Teuk cried a bit cause of Hae.”

“So The boys already had shed their tears during their meal, and probably promised each other to send him away with smiles on their faces.”

“Wook said again in Sukira [It (Teuk’s enlistment) still seems unreal.. right now just.. feel like tears will fall.”

“2nd Nov, 1st performance without Leader.”

“Siwon met Leeteuk on the way to shooting drama before Leeteuk went to the army. they also hugged.”

Super Junior Leeteuk sudah berangkat untuk menjalani wajib militernya selama 21 bulan  ^^ jadi kita (ELF) harus setia menunggu THE BEST LEADER SUPER JUNIOR ne?? ^^ kita selalu berdoa semoga Oppa tetap sehat dan akan kembali secepatnya.


Cr : DDANGkomalogy ; Teukiebiased ; Kor_celebrities ; NKSUbs and all fandom
Thank’s to : ELF ; TVReport ; ; OSEN ; TVDaily ; Sjsururup ;  Newsen ; StarN ; SBS and so on


17 comments on “Super Junior at Teuk’s Enlisment [PICS]

  1. Iya eonn jura skit sbner.a sh udh smbh tpi blum pulih bner tpi sabtu maren jura kecelakaan
    tpi ini udh enakan kok udh bsa jalan 🙂

  2. Sedih banget… Padahal udah sempet liat photo2 itu tapi pas liat lagi jadi kebawa sedih lagi.
    Eonni photo yg kyu nangis di dalem mobil kok ga ada ya??
    Yg keliatan sedih banget kyu, hae, kangin. Yg lain msh pada bisa senyum. 🙂

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